Farm Items for Sale


10' Orchard Ladder

$ 100.00 USD

Tripod ladders are essential to orchard management on any scale. I feel strongly about using a three legged ladder for pruning (I am a certified arborist); step ladders are very dangerous to use in the orchard as they tip and you can seriously hurt yourself.  The three legged orchard ladder can be used safely on very uneven grounds, just be sure the pole leg is set firmly in the ground and the base is set even.

I was given this nearly new ladder as partial payment for a job I did and already have a 10' ladder.

It features a full 3" step with non-skid design, strong extruded side rails, solid aircraft rivets throughout, angle braces for added strength and a third leg unit pivot on wear-proof steel bushing. If properly cared for, these ladders will last a lifetime

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